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Wynand Fockink

Special Edition Nr. 2 Korenwijn 3Y Aged

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An authentic Korenwijn that has undergone an exceptional and meticulous barrel aging journey, masterfully crafted by our renowned distiller. For three years, it resided in the embrace of a first-fill ex-bourbon barrel, soaking up the rich heritage of its American oak.

But that was just the beginning of its transformation. We then dared to be bold and transferred this Korenwijn into the hallowed embrace of an Imperial-Stout seasoned ex-Islay single malt whiskey barrel, where it lay in slumber for a further six months.

This Islay whiskey finish bestowed upon the Korenwijn a unique touch of smoky, peaty notes, a tribute to the rugged landscapes of its Scottish birthplace. Meanwhile, the clear woodiness from the bourbon barrel married seamlessly with the warm, inviting caress of vanilla, creating a harmony that's nothing short of a sensory symphony.

As the finish unfurls on your palate, the Imperial-Stout whispers its secrets with a hint of toasty bitterness, leaving a mesmerizing, lingering impression that lingers long after the final sip. This is more than just a spirit; it's an epic journey in a glass, a testament to the artistry of time and a showcase of the craft that goes into every drop. Explore and savor the culmination of these distinct flavors, a true testament to the fusion of heritage and innovation.


0.7L - 46% Vol.