Located in the ‘Pijlsteeg’ in the heart of Amsterdam, we are proud to say that we are real Amsterdammers at heart.

Going all the way back to 1724 when Wynand Fockink took over the dated distillery, build in 1679, that till this day is still called our home.With the blooming liqueur industry in Amsterdam, Wynand Fockink owned twelve other buildings at the end of the 18th century, built the small alley leading to our front door, and grew out to be one of the most outstanding places of Amsterdam with even better drinks.Even after our take-over our tasting room, distillery and liquor store including all our staff and our authentic brand kept going on and made us one of the oldest and most authentic Dutch companies, still working like back in the day.


In 1870 our distillery consisted of 80 employees, five stills, and a steam engine. This stayed exactly like it used to be till 2013, when the distillery was completely renovated.Expanding with two new copper kettles, more opportunities opened for us and we continued as the Lucas Bols distillery.The heart and soul of our brand: our distillery. The place where we keep making our liqueurs exactly like they used to and now make other brands like Damrak and Bols.

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Visit us in Amsterdam and come by our tasting room where nothing has changed since the 17th century, including our assortment.With classic liqueurs like Volmaakt Geluk, Bruidstranen, and Hansje in de Kelder we serve you a wide variety of genevers and liqueurs providing you with the perfect Dutch experience. Complete your visit with a sip of the Boswandeling liqueur or the Half en Half and find out what made us world famous.Besides the delicious jenevers (Superior) and fruit brandies, you can also enjoy excellent draught beers here.

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Visit our tastingroom for a beer and one of our genevers, and take part in our tradition of bowing before the first sip.

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Known in Amsterdam for our wide range of authentic and craftsman-made products we offer you fifthy-one liqueurs, nine brandies, eight genevers, four bitters, two additional brands, one korenwijn, and one Amsterdam Dry Gin.Our liquor store makes it impossible to choose but with the help of our tasting room you are ensured to walk out with just the right bottles. Want to take something home as a gift? Our original Tulip glasses or giftsets are here to impress.

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A preview of our collection

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