'A wide range of various products, all together known as our famous Wynand Fockink range'

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A liquor store, tasting room, distillery and distributor, are all run by a close-knit 'family' of colleagues, each with their expertise. This expertise forms the basis for our liqueurs, genevers, bitters, brandies, an Amsterdam dry gin and various other products, all made from carefully selected ingredients and a passion for distilling. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, with a real Amsterdam character and mentality, our distillery is the home base for brands such as Bols, Damrak, and of course, our own Wynand Fockink range.

Various ingredients, recipes, and spirits but all with the same premium high-end quality.

What we do

By handpicking all our ingredients one by one, we make the best, most unique, and delicious drinks with the most amazing colours. These ingredients all get their own perfect way of processing in order to provide you with spot-on flavours.A highly impressive range with outstanding colours and flavours, each made just like they used to back in the day.

The perfect mix of authenticity and modern innovation.

What we believe in

We show you that the oldest and simplest things are always better but combining it with new and modern aspects makes it the best.Everything has a reason because of its history and so do we. Things done in the past are meant to learn from in the future but our history is one we are proud to live up to again.Led by Wynand Fockink and his descendants, the liqueur distillery grew to become one of the largest in the Netherlands by 1954 and continued to grow in the following years.With trading houses in Berlin, Vienna, Brussels and Paris, our distillery has continued to expand through hard work and craftsmanship into the high-quality brand we are today.

The only thing is: The world is changing, and so are the people. So, to make your past work in the future means making just the right adjustments to change with time without losing your roots and authenticity.

We believe that you need your past in order to be successful in the future.


In the seventeenth century, when the VOC ships brought herbs, spices and sugar to Amsterdam, liqueurs began to be distilled on a larger scale.In those days, liqueur was only for the rich due to the high prices and the prosperity within Amsterdam.The founder, Wynand Fockink, left everything succesfully to his sole heiress Maria. Until 1954, Wynand Fockink was a family business, proudly passed on and run by generation after generation.

With its great success in the Netherlands and the possibility of export, the distillery was able to operate successfully internationally.