'Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, dedication, and a deep respect for tradition.'

Our Special editions

As a proud producer of high-quality liqueurs and genevers, we announce with great pride that we will launch a Special Edition every year, in the fall. Expertly crafted by our master distiller, Monique ten Kortenaar.

Nr. 2 Imperial-Stout, ex-Islay Cask Finish

An authentic Genever that has undergone a genuine barrel aging process, meticulously crafted by our master distiller. After 3 year in a first fill ex bourbon barrel, we transferred this Korenwijn into an Imperial-Stout seasoned ex-Islay single malt whiskey barrel, where it rested for another 6 months.

This Islay whiskey finish gives the Korenwijn its peaty notes. A clear woodliness from the Bourbon combines well with the warm vanilla. In the back the Imperial-Stout provides a hint of toasty bitterness.

ABV: 46%

Outturn: 300 Bottles

Sold out

Nr. 1 Pedro Ximenez Cask Finish

A true Barrel Aged Genever created by our master distiller. Owesits beautiful golden color and complex flavor to the extensive 5 year ageing on oak casks from the French Limousin region and ex Bourbon barrels.

After this ageing process the genever is blended and rested for 9 months on Perdo Ximenez casks. This PX finish gives the genever its round, and slight sweet flavors which stands in great balance with the deep vanilla and toasty flavors

ABV 47.7%

Outturn: 850 Bottles

Sold out

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