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Wynand Fockink

Passievrucht - Passion Fruit Brandy

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passion fruit - tropical - sweet

 0.7L - 20% vol.

Wynand Fockink Passion Fruit Brandewijn is probably one of our least traditional, but definitely one of our most delicious products. Our recipe manages to beautifully capture the tropical sweetness of the exotic fruit, and the resultant drink is an alluring delicacy for any sweet tooth.

This Brandewijn can be enjoyed on its own, as an accompaniment to desert perhaps, but works equally well as an ingredient in your more exotic cocktails (three words: porn, star, martini). Serving it cold downplays the sweetness of the drink a bit, and gives it a fresher texture, resulting in a more balanced and smoother experience

The Passion Fruit Brandewijn is a must-try for anyone looking for an express ticket to the tropics, and for those who enjoy luscious and luxurious sweetness.

Artisanally produced at Wynand Fockink, our renowned distillery located in the heart of Amsterdam's old city center. With over 340 years of experience in creating high-quality spirits, all of our small batch products still use old recipes, contain only the finest natural ingredients, and are lovingly crafted and filled by hand.