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Wynand Fockink

Citroen - Lemon Brandy

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lemon - zesty - sour

 0.7L - 20% vol.

Wynand Fockink Lemon Brandewijn is made using high-quality, organic lemons, adding only the pulp and avoiding the pith. The result is an amazingly refreshing drink; sour, citrussy, and just the right amount of tang. Perfect for those enjoying a bright summer day (or for those wishing they were).

This Brandewijn can be enjoyed on its own, maybe as an afternoon tipple, but works equally well as an ingredient in your zestier cocktails (Lemon Brandewijn sgroppinos, anyone?). Due to the healthy amount of pulp, it needs to be shaken very well before pouring, and be served chilled—but nowhere near as cold as your classic limoncello, as it would result in a Slush Puppie-like consistency (although you may be onto something there, let us know if you do try).

Unmatched in its freshness, the Lemon Brandewijn is a must-try for anyone looking for an intensely pure and zesty experience and its elegant packaging makes it the perfect gift for any liquor connoisseur.

Artisanally produced at Wynand Fockink, our renowned distillery located in the heart of Amsterdam's old city center. With over 340 years of experience in creating high-quality spirits, all of our small batch products still use old recipes, contain only the finest natural ingredients, and are lovingly crafted and filled by hand.