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Wynand Fockink


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0.7L - 30% Vol.

Introducing Wynand Fockink's Keizerburger: a Dutch delight expertly crafted with key ingredients like cinchona, galanga, and gentian, offering a unique floral and bitter flavor profile.

Created at the renowned Wynand Fockink distillery, this premium liqueur tantalizes your senses with a captivating floral aroma, beautifully infused with the essence of these botanical treasures. The delightful interplay of cinchona, galanga, and gentian creates a harmonious bouquet of flavors, as the bitterness complements the floral notes, resulting in a truly sophisticated taste experience.

Elevate your spirits collection and culinary creations with the refined essence of Wynand Fockink's Keizerburger, where Dutch craftsmanship meets an alluring blend of exceptional ingredients.