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Wynand Fockink

Bittere Lijdenstroost - Bitter Consolation Liqueur

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orange - spices - vanilla

Wynand Fockink Bittere Lijdenstroost (Bitter Consolation) Liqueur is a delicious traditional old Dutch liqueur produced by Wynand Fockink, a renowned distillery with over 340 years of experience in creating high-quality spirits in the center of Amsterdam. All products are produced with natural ingredients and handcrafted in small batches
The traditional old-Dutch liqueurs once originated as occasional drinks. This liqueur was created to combat every kind of sadness. After two glasses the world's problems are solved forever.

Bittere Lijdenstroost liqueur is made using a secret recipe that combines high-quality ingredients such as bitter orange, vanilla and cinnamon. The result is a smooth and spiced liqueur with a sweet and bitter flavor that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

In conclusion, Bittere Lijdenstroost liqueur is a must-try liqueur for anyone looking to experience the delicious flavors of orange and spices in a sweet liqueur and its elegant packaging makes it the perfect gift for any liquor connoisseur. 

0.7L - 24% Vol.