Espresso Martini

Making an Espresso Martini is now pretty easy. Shake the bottle for 5 seconds. Pour 125ml of chilled Espresso Martini into a martini glass or use your shaker with ice, garnish with three coffee beans.

How the Espresso Martini came around is not as romantic as with other cocktails. The legend is it that in 1983 an up coming top model asked the English bartender Dick Bradsell for a cocktail 'to wake me and mess me up'. What she got served was the Espresso Martini.

The Espresso Martini cocktail has become more popular in recent times. The drink was a hit in the 1990s, but as with more trends from the 1990s, it took a while to be appreciated. Nowdays the cocktail is presented in many restaurants on the drink menu and there are plenty of experiments with different variants of the Espresso Martini.

If you make the Espresso Martini cocktail yourself, don't be fooled by the name. An Espresso Martini does not contain any martini, but is so called because of the glass in which the cocktail is served: a martini glass. Which again owes its name to the eponymous favorite of James Bond.

To make things easy, Wynand Fockink has created a high-quality ready-to-use espresso martini using only authentic and pure products such as a fresh cold brew, and its own espresso tints.

On top of the cocktail there are 'the 3 traditional' coffee beans, they symbolize health, wealth and happiness. You can decide for yourself whether you actually consume those three commandments by drinking the cocktail.