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The preparation of Wynand Fockink liqueurs

A liqueur is an alcohol-based drink made from flavour extracts which in turn have been prepared from natural ingredients and sweetened with sugar. The natural flavours that WF liqueurs are made of are for example; cinnamon, cloves, vanilla pods and oranges. Other flavours which are also used in their natural form are; coffee, cocoa beans, herb roots with names such as gentian and galangal, and fruit such as fresh strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries and plums.

The use of these natural ingredients gives Wynand Fockink liqueurs their own authenticity. By experimenting with ingredients and mixing liqueurs we create new flavours. That is how it used to be done in the past with liqueurs getting mysterious names such as Hansje in the Cellar,Lift your Shirt, the Longer the Better, Forget-me-not and that is how we continue to do so today.

Wynand Fockink uses two different extraction methods: distillation and maceration.

  • A distillate is also called an Esprit and has adopted the smell and taste of the ingredients, but is always colourless, since it has been obtained by means of vaporization.
  • A macerate is also known as a Tincture (from the Latin  which means colour) because it has adopted not only the smell and flavour but also the colour of the ingredients. After all, the alcohol has been in direct contact with the ingredients.


The distillery has three copper pot stills (100, 200 and 500 litres), which produce colourless and flavourful extracts from ingredients such as orange peel. The volatile oils that produce the orange flavour can be found in the orange peel. A bag filled with broken peels is placed inside the still, alcohol and water are added and this mixture is then heated to 80-94 Centigrade. The alcohol vapour ‘draws’ all volatile oils into the head or helmet of the still after which the aromatic vapour flows further into the cooler where it is condensed, producing a clear and concentrated flavourful distillate.

The first part flowing out of the cooler, the so-called ‘head’, is not used, because it does not have the desired flavour and clarity yet. Also the so-called ‘tail’ at the end of the distillation process, is not used. We only use the so-called ‘heart’ of the distillate, which we call with the desired clarity and flavour, approved by our master distiller. An Esprit is always colourless, since it has been obtained by vaporization and condensation.


The same orange peel or any other ingredient can be used in a different flavour extraction method, which is called maceration. This is done by soaking dried and crushed ingredients in alcohol, in various pots. During this extraction process not only the flavour, but also the colour of the orange peel is extracted, resulting in a very strong, coloured and flavourful extract which we call a Tincture.The master distiller determines the duration of the maceration, depending on the strength and flavour he is looking for.

Mixing Wynand Fockink liqueurs

For the actual preparation of our liqueurs we require more than an esprit and/or a tincture.

The other ingredients needed are:

  • Eau Divine, a solution of white granulated sugar in warm water (35 ° C) to which

alcohol has been added up to a content of 20%

  • Neutral grain alcohol

  • Fruit juice, half of our liqueurs contain fruit juice(s)
  • Water (purified and filtered)

After blending the liqueurs need to mature for a while in order to achieve a well-balanced flavour, we call this the marriage of the ingredients.

Preparation Wynand Fockink Genevers

The basis of Wynand Fockink genevers is a blend of malt wine, an aromatic triple distilled grain distillate and a juniper and botanical distillate.

Malt gives genever its unique characteristic taste and smoothness.

Through the centuries Wynand Fockink developed different types of genevers some of which were made with other grains and in various blends. For example, the Wynand Fockink Superior contains 100% malt wine, while other genevers contain less malt wine. Responding to the latest emerging flavour trends, Wynand Fockink has also developed a Rye and a Spelt Genever.